Literature for the development of WP4

This file provides needed information for planning and developing support services for higher education students.



1) Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities - University of Athens

2) ATHENA Free AT Software Inventory

Literature regarding Quality Control and Monitoring (QPLN7)

In this file suggested literature for quality control and monitoring can be reviewed. 

Categories/ types of disabilities

According to IDEA and to other studies , referring to the term and categories of disability the following terms are used in SINC@HE:

•Visual impairment/ disability, including blindness
•Emotional disturbance or Psychological and psychiatric disorders
•Physical disability or/ and orthopedic impairment
•Long-term health condition or/ and other health impairment (e.g. cancer, asthma, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes)
•Hearing impairment/ disability, including deafness
•Specific learning difficulties or Specific learning disability

Documents for the development of SINC@HE

You can find here useful documents for the development of the project.

Inclusion in HEIs

This file includes articles that are connected to the content of project SINC@HE

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