Working Visit June 2014

Aim of the first day meeting (18th June) was to give feedback to all partners for the planned and achieved activities of the piloting year. 

Aim of the second day meeting was (a) to introduce best practices linked to other projects running at the UOM and (b) to monitor /control the activities of the project. Phd Students from the Department of Educational and Social Policy Ms Pavlidou and Mr Charitakis as well as a master student Mr Koukourikos have actively participated during the second day. 

Aim of the third day meeting was to clarify financial and administrative issues so that the final report can be prepared without any delays and obstacles. The most important thing was to clarify all supporting documentations that need to be provided and also eligible costs. As it regards the overall management, the most of the time was spent discussing financial issues with project partners and making sure that each partner is using budget funds in accordance with the plan.  

Working Visit March 2014

This working visit has focused (a) on administrative and financial issues and (b) on planned and achieved activities for the 3rd project year.

Working Visit November 2013

Two meetings taken place during the conference 2013 were planned in order to (a) give feedback to all partners about achieved activities, (b) to finalize WPs and DEVs  and (c) to discuss planned activities for the last project year since it is the piloting year.

Dissemination conference 2013

Wednesday 13th November

09:30-10:00                 Registration

10:00-10:30                 Welcome speech and introduction
Milica Vukotic, Vice dean for Faculty for information systems and technologies/ University of Donja Gorica;                 

    Establishment of Students Advisory Office/ Marina Vujacic, Executive Director of Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro;
    10:30-10:45      Organization of work in Students Advisory Office for students with disabilities / Doc.Dr Ivana Ognjanović, University of Mediterranean;

10:45-11:00      Adapted learning resources/ mr Dzenan Strujic / BSc,  Goran Rajta, Institute for information and communication technologies;
11:00-11:15       Technical support to students with disabilities - Enes Banda, University of Donja Gorica;
11:15-11:45       Discussion
11:45-12:30      Coffee Break

12:30-12:45          Inclusion and Self-determination: factors of the SINC@HE  Project, Lefkothea Kartasidou, Project Coordinator, University of Macedonia,     Greece;

12:45-13:00         Quality of Life as an indicator of the SINC@HE Project, Elisavet Pavlidou, Ph.D Student Department of Educational and Social Policy, University of Macedonia, Greece;

13:00 -13:15        Challenge the system- successful studying and employing in Slovenia, Natasa Mauko, DSIS;
13:15 -13:30        Equal opportunities for students with disabilities – from support services to universal design. (Results of WP3) Paweł Wdówik, Donata Kończyk, University of Warsaw;
13:30-13:45         Being the student for being a disabled – attitudes of academic teachers      towards persons with disabilities on the basis individual with disabilities – Paweł Wdówik, University of Warsaw;
13:45-14:15         Discussion
15:00                 Closing the 1st Day

Thursday 14th November

10:00-10:30                 Registration

10:30-11:30                 Successful stories of persons with disabilities Presenters Vujovic Elena and Matovic Vidna, from IERK
11:30-12:00                 Introducing the support services to all SwD and prospective SwD
12:00-12:30                 Coffee Break
12:30-14:30                 Workshop for SwD
14:30-15:00                Discussion and conclusions

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