Project Overview


Support and Inclusion of students with disabilities at higher education institutions in Montenegro – SINC@HE


Summary of the project

The SINC@HE project has been designed to improve the quality and relevance of support and inclusion of students with disabilities in Montenegro. The main project objective is to create the conditions and standards that will assimilate the quality of inclusion of students with disabilities in EU HEIs and will be harmonized according to EU practices and policies. Developed standards would be incorporated into existing legal and sublegal acts at the national levels and at the HE institutional levels. A long term objective of the outcomes will be to strengthen the open society values regarding the inclusion of students with disabilities in HEIs. In order to provide a solid base for the implementation of newly developed inclusive standards the SINC@HE project will build necessary capacities through establishing a framework for improving support and inclusion and quality assurance at HEIs that will be incorporated in HEI regulatory documents.
HEIs have to keep the academic and non academic staff well informed and trained on the needs of students with disabilities. Thus, the SINC@HE project will provide extensive training for all levels of staff involved in support and inclusion of students with disabilities in HEIs.
Quality Control and Monitoring of project activities and results by internal and external mechanisms will be realized continuously throughout the whole duration of the project and evaluated at several levels.
Considering the synergy of Ministry of Information society and Telecommunications,Association of youth with disabilities of Montenegro,Institute for Education and Rehabilitation of persons with hearing and speech disorders and DRUŠTVO ŠTUDENTOV INVALIDOV SLOVENIJE, as well as the readiness of the university institutions from all beneficiary countries, the major assumptions for improving the support and inclusion of students with disabilities in HEIs are established and is the best guarantee of the sustainability of project results beyond its life time.

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