QPLN7 - Quality control and monitoring

Quality Control and Monitoring (QCM) of project activities and results will be realized continuously throughout the whole duration of the project and evaluated at two levels (internal and external). As the project is located in Montenegro, where all beneficiary project partners are geographically located close to each other, the everyday communication and quality control and monitoring of project results will be easy to establish.
Internal QCM will be carried out by local QCM team consisting of members from each partner institution from Montenegro (5 team members). Internal QCM of the project activities and results will be performed by peer reviews among partner institutions. Local team will create intermediate reports twice a year and will submit it to the Project Management Board. Meetings will be carried out twice a year at the premises of local ME partners.
External quality monitoring and control of the main project results will be assessed by external experts from three EU partner universities. They will perform monitoring and quality control taking into account project workplan and internal reports by local QCM team from ME. They will report to PMB board about these assessments during annual board meetings trough 3 annual reports about external assessment of the project results.
In order to promote the project and to get external feed-back, an Inter-Tempus project coaching will be organized with members of the most suitable new or running Tempus projects dealing with aspects of disability, equity and the quality of the teaching process,  where National Tempus Offices from ME will be also invited. Meeting will be organized during the second project year at one of the partner Universities.

External Quality Contol Team




Lorella Giannandrea

Catia Giaconi


Pawel Wdowik

Donata Konczyk


Lefkothea Kartasidou

Ioannis Agaliotis


Internal Quality Contol Team




Ramo Sendelj

Danijela Milosevic


Sandra Tinaj

Nela Milosevic


Dzenan Strujic

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