WP10 handles the whole project management and financial administration by the applicant/coordinating organization (University of Macedonia, UOM) with the constant support from other beneficiary institutions. WP10 includes the preparation of (a) the partner agreements (b) the necessary financial reports, (c) the financial guide.

UOM as the applicant organization will have the leading role in the overall project management and will have the supervision of the whole project management process. The project management includes from the beginning of the process (a) monitoring, (b) communication, (c) reporting and (d) financial accounting.

UOM has good experience in management of the TEMPUS and other international projects. The efficacy and efficiency of the project management at the regional dimension is ensured with the establishment of the Project Management Board (PMB) consisting of contact persons from each consortium member institution.

PMB will manage all project activities, monitoring and evaluation of the project results. PMB will coordinate the process for the completion of the project and will take action immediately in order to overcome when a problem occurs.

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