Working Visit June 2014

Aim of the first day meeting (18th June) was to give feedback to all partners for the planned and achieved activities of the piloting year. 

Aim of the second day meeting was (a) to introduce best practices linked to other projects running at the UOM and (b) to monitor /control the activities of the project. Phd Students from the Department of Educational and Social Policy Ms Pavlidou and Mr Charitakis as well as a master student Mr Koukourikos have actively participated during the second day. 

Aim of the third day meeting was to clarify financial and administrative issues so that the final report can be prepared without any delays and obstacles. The most important thing was to clarify all supporting documentations that need to be provided and also eligible costs. As it regards the overall management, the most of the time was spent discussing financial issues with project partners and making sure that each partner is using budget funds in accordance with the plan.  

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