DISS8- Dissemination and raising awareness

As reported in the project form WP DISS 8 the main motivation for dissemination is increasing the awareness of upgrading university capacities for supporting and quality handling studying with disability among current and prospective disabled students and relevant bodies at the national level.
The first relevant dissemination source will be project web site with all project details and realized results during project lifetime, accompanied by relevant web links, downloadable section and important new ICT services for supporting students with disability.
In order to publicize and widely disseminate project results, dissemination will be performed at best suitable events. It will be disseminated that partner universities are upgraded with new equipment, new support services, and regulations, as well as retrained staff to enable the high quality education for students with disability.

Dissemination Activities on IERK website: http://sinche.uom.gr/node/137/edit

Balkan Distance Education Network http://www.badennet.org/files/BADEN%20NewsLetter%20No6%20November%202014.pdf

Conference in MNE  http://sinche.uom.gr/sites/default/files/unim_report_meco.pdf


Also two articles have been published one in a journal  http://sinche.uom.gr/sites/default/files/789-3135-1-pb_2.pdf and the other in the proceedings of a European Conference http://iated.org/concrete3/paper_detail.php?paper_id=37455

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