WP2 -Improvement of institutional frameworks for inclusion of students with disabilities

This WP is aimed at identifying the gap between the present situation and the expected (future) situation with regard to inclusion of students with disabilities in HEI in Montenegro. New regulatory documents to be adopted by HEI in order to make possible from a formal point of view will be also drafted and delivered.

The aim of this WP is to define at institutional level the steps to be done to achieve the overall project result: as a first task, the actual resources will be mapped, both from a regulatory/legislative point of view, and from a human resources point of view. Opportunities and constraints will be identified in order to draft contextualized and effective paths of development.
Given the picture of the present resources, a roadmap will be designed, and specific guidelines for the implementation of support services for students with disabilities will be provided: the guidelines will be the reference document for further steps, and will explain the regulatory framework needed to achieve successful outcomes, as well will point out the involvement of human resources. Detailed functions and competences needed to perform the role will be highlighted and reported.
Together with the administrative (staff and other resources to be engaged) structure, regulatory documents will be provided in order to build the indispensable framework allowing changes and establishing of new services from a formal point of view.

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