EXP9 - Exploitation and Sustainability

The sustainability of the project results and activities will be performed through continuation of the previous work by adding the important issue of officially signed agreement on inter-university collaboration at the levels of peer-support and the networking of the university staff with significant involvement of national associations and institute dealing with disability. All officially adopted documents which result from the project directly contribute and guarantee that the project results will have a tangible impact and multiplier effects for enhancing the quality of education of students with disability.

For obtaining optimal use of the project results beyond the lifetime of the project, the inter-university peer support will be officially defined by signing the agreement among ME beneficiary partners, universities and also supporting associations AYDM and IERK. 

In order to create sustainable group of university academic and administrative staff for working with disability, a networking of university staff involved in teaching students with disability will be needed. Beneficiary partner universities will sign agreement on university staff networking and it will be done before the third project year begin (piloting).

According to the comprehensive analysis of piloting results, national and EU partners will create a definition of recommendation for policy makers. Those recommendations will contain the most valuable issues that should be taken into account in developing and upgrading the national policies concerning the quality education of students with disability.

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